Tournament Games and Play Instructions

Tournament Games and Play Instructions



- Teams are placed at the back of their respective sides.

- At the start of the round, each player starts with 2 arrows with the rest scattered around the playing field.

- A 5 spot target is put on each side of play in the front middle of each side. If a player hits the opposing team’s target, knocking one out, a person from his/her team gets to come back into play. If all 5 are knocked out, that team can no longer

bring people back in.

- A player is dubbed “out” if he/she is hit in any part of the body; this includes the head and the bow itself. If a player catches an arrow during play, the person that shot the arrow on the opposing team is out. A player who is out on the same team as the player that caught the arrow, can come back into play.

- When a player is out, he/she should put an arm up in the air and walk off the field. The game is over once one team is fully eliminated.


- Same game play as the standard rules.

- A flag is put in the middle of the playing field.

- Players either go to pick up the flag to bring back to their side, or shoot at the

opposing team.

- If a player that is carrying the flag gets hit while bringing it back to their side, the flag resets back to the middle.

- A team either wins by getting the flag and bringing it back to the end of their respected side without getting hit or by getting every member

of the opposing team out.


- Teams start at the back of their respected sides.

- Once the game starts, a time limit of 6 minutes begins.

- Players do not get out; instead a team wins by scoring more points than the other team in the time limit.

The point system works by:

- Hit an opposing player- 2 points.

- Catch an opposing player’s arrow- 1 point.

- Hit one of the 5-spot targets of the opposing team- 3 points.


- Players start normally.

- If a player gets hit by the opposing team, he/she must join that team

and continue playing.

- The game ends with either everyone on the same side or a time limit of 8 minutes is reached and the team with the most players wins.


- One person on each team is designated “medic” who can revive fallen teammates.

- If a player gets hit, he/she must take a knee in the spot they got hit.

- The medic can revive them back into play by running over and

touching their shoulder.

- If the medic gets out, players can no longer be revived.

- The game ends with everyone on the opposing team getting out.


- Four teams of two play inside and outside a 14 ft octagon 

- Players inside the octagon scores on an opponent to initiate the teammates of the scorer and the scored on to initiate a game of duck duck goose style laser tag on the outside of the octagon where the first person to tag the opposite team acquires a second point in the score in sequence 

- All team members not involved in the scoring sequence must take a need inside and outside of the octagon until the score laser tag sequence is over

- The only way to score is by scoring a goal on the inside of the octagon or being the first to tag in the laser sequence 

Soccer Pool

- A game of billiards play with your feet where you must knock the balls off the play area in order one through nine to win the game

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